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While we may work on businesses, we work with people, so we define our target market not based on business type, industry vertical or size, rather the end users of our services. We define our end users as: sales professionals, business owners with a niche focus on certified business businesses and corporations with active supplier diversity programs.

We are compatible with sales professionals and business owners that:

  • Run successful businesses, but realize that they haven’t reached their maximum growth potential and want to create a plan to achieve that.
  • Understand the importance of change and are willing to work collaboratively to implement changes that will deliver impactful results.
  • Consider themselves life-long learners and approach life like a sponge ready to soak up the knowledge and wisdom that will not only help their businesses grow, but help them grow as leaders.
  • Recognize that all good things take time, consistency and hard work, so while our services are an investment in your business’ growth, patience and trust must be the foundation of our business relationship.

We are compatible with corporations that: 

  • Promote a culture of inclusivity, equality and equity, not only with their words, but with their actions, as well.
  • Foster measurable growth and development opportunities for their network of suppliers and employees, alike.
  • Value true partnerships rather than transactional business relationships.
  • Wholeheartedly believe in small and diverse businesses’ ability to compete and deliver value when given the opportunity.